• Evaluation BoD
Organisation type
  • Cooperative
  • Family Business
  • Hospital sector
  • Listed Company
  • Public sector
  • SME
  • Social Profit
  • Sports sector
  • Start-up/ Scale-up

GUBERNA offers organisations tailor-made support with the evaluation of the board of directors.

We are convinced that the evaluation of the board of directors is an integral part of a continuous improvement process. By implementing an explicit evaluation moment, you actively build on the optimal functioning of the board of directors by identifying and improving weaknesses. Also the different existing national and international codes consider the evaluation of the board of directors to be a criteria for good governance.

With this service, GUBERNA aims to meet the existing needs of its members and their boards by sharing years of knowledge and experiences (do not hesitate to ask for our references). GUBERNA has developed a unique evaluation methodology that takes the specific characteristics of the organisation into account. To guard its objectives, GUBERNA is not committed to the concrete implementation of the action points/recommendations that are suggested.

GUBERNA offers its members 3 options:

  • evaluation of the board of directors based on tailor-made questionnaires
  • evaluation of the board of directors based on individual interviews with board members
  • evaluation of the board of directors based on 360° evaluation of the board of directors

Why a board evaluation?

  • Gain important insights into how the board of directors works

  • Optimise your board of directors based on clear points of attention and weaknesses

  • Know the strengths of your board of directors

  • Improve communication and documentation in your board of directors

  • Anticipate future challenges and potential obstacles better

  • Deal with different stakeholder expectations better

For who?

All types of organisations benefit from evaluating their board of directors.

  • Listed companies
  • Non-listed companies
  • Public companies
  • Family businesses
  • SMEs
  • Social profit organisations
  • Startup's
  • Research centres
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Our board of directors was very satisfied with the services provided by GUBERNA, particularly by GUBERNA’s summary of the findings of this approach, as well as by the recommendations which were both interesting and useful. In such an evaluation, the added value of GUBERNA comes from their input on best practices as well as the external, objective approach they take to assess the governance quality and functioning of a board of directors.

Chair of a listed investment company


Qfor quality label

All GUBERNA education programmes, events and services received the Qfor quality label.

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