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Would you like the remuneration benchmark for your board members? GUBERNA can help.

GUBERNA supports companies to develop an adequate remuneration policy policy for their non-executive board members.

Work has value! That is why the codes advise good governance organisations to compensate their non-executive board members. However, determining the right compensation is not one-size fits all.

What can you expect?

To support its members in developing an adequate remuneration policy for non-executive board members, GUBERNA completes a tailor-made analysis, adjusted to the needs of your organisation. GUBERNA relies on its experience in good governance, its knowledge in common practices and its many studies concerning board member compensation.

In addition, GUBERNA has completed lots of benchmark studies for all kinds of organisations. GUBERNA offers these benchmarking studies to every type of organisation, listed and non-listed, who are active in various sectors. With these studies, GUBERNA helps organisations position themselves in relation to other organisations with comparable size and/or who are active in the same sector. Therefore, GUBERNA analyses both the remuneration policy and the actual compensation that is awarded the non-executive board members. Dependent on the needs of the company, the analysis may include the remuneration of specialised committees.

Contact us and develop the approach that best fits your organisation.

Why remuneration benchmarking?

GUBERNA offers different options, dependent on the needs of your organisations, that help you to:

  • Position the compensation of non-executive directors in relation to other companies with a comparable size and/or who are active in a similar sector.
  • Evaluating the remuneration of members of the board of directors and of the members of specialized committees. 
  • Adjust your remuneration policy.


GUBERNA analyses the remuneration policy and the actual compensation awarded to non-executive directors. To carry out this analysis, GUBERNA relies on: years of experience in good governance, its many studies having to do with good governance and its many remuneration benchmarks for organisations in diverse sectors.

Who is this Premium Service for?

The GUBERNA Remuneration Benchmarking Service is available to all GUBERNA members from every type of organisation, listed and non-listed, who are active in diverse sectors.

Attention: This Premium Service is exclusively for Premium members of GUBERNA.


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