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As an SME, you should strive for sustainable growth. GUBERNA is happy to help you with this by supporting and further guiding the governance of your SME.

Apply for your SME Advance membership, and ensure the continued growth of your SME. 

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For who?

SME Advance membership is for the medium-sized company with 51 to 250 employees and an annual turnover of up to 50 million euros or an annual balance sheet total of up to 43 million euros.

Is your company a smaller SME?

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Your investment

The SME Advance membership costs €2.330 (excl. VAT) per company per year for a periode of 2 years.

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SME guberna


Your SME is growing and we like to offer a helping hand. We do this by making various online tools available for your SME to get started, such as the 'Governance Maturity Scan'. 

In addition, your SME members can rely on specialized publications, free benchmark studies of fees, and open board mandates.

SME Guberna

Governance Maturity Scan

Map out the challenges facing your SME through the GUBERNA Governance Maturity Scan. Based on a short questionnaire (which only takes about 15 minutes), this tool gives you a clear overview of the challenges your SME faces and explains how governance can help you address these challenges. 

​​Your SME members, through this membership, can benefit from this service completely free of charge. 

Advantages for your organisation

  • Enjoy discounts when participating in the GUBERNA SME Growth sessions, where you as an entrepreneur can share your experiences with others in a limited group.

  • Participate at a preferential rate in the GUBERNA Governance Coaching Programme whereby you, as an SME, enjoy personalized coaching over a period of 9 months.

  • You will have access to tailored SME services such as in-company training and an introduction to Governance.

  • You will have free access to online SME tools, such as the Governance Maturity Scan.

  • You receive (on request) the free benchmark study on board remuneration.


  • You enjoy visibility as a corporate SME member on our website and in the annual newsletter.

What do our members say about KMO Advance membership?

"With its leading position in the eMobility market, Optimile wishes to accelerate the sustainable strategy of any company, regardless of its size or sector. 

Customisation and efficiency are at the centre of this. Governance is also in focus at Optimile, which has been an SME member of GUBERNA for years. 

Because good governance leads to better companies and a better future for us all."
An De Pauw, CEO - Optimile

Benefits for your representatives

As an SME Discover member, 4 representatives of your SME enjoy the benefits below:


Meeting room in the heart of Brussels

Meeting room in the heart of Brussels 

This spacious location offers various possibilities for meetings, presentations, and gatherings for your board and management teams. The necessary facilities such as a beamer are of course also available.

Home of governance

GUBERNA Home of Governance

Our members are always welcome for a warm chat and a quiet place to work between meetings and appointments. As a member, you are free to come and go as you please. 

In addition to free wifi, a delicious cup of coffee is always waiting for you! 

The GUBERNA Home of Governance is open Monday through Thursday between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m.

GUBERNA library

GUBERNA library 

We are very proud of our extensive library! As a member of GUBERNA, you have access to numerous governance publications, books, and articles both online on our website and in the library at our beautiful location in central Brussels.

  • events

    Free access to the General Member Assembly and the New Years Happening 

  • Monthly Newsletter

    Receive the Monthly Newsletter with updates about good governance and open board mandates  

  • GUBERNA online community

    Connect with other members in the GUBERNA online community and exchange experiences 

  • expert groups and workgroups

    Free participation in GUBERNA expert- and workgroups 

  • Access to open board mandates

    Access to open board mandates 

  • GUBERNA conferences

    Participate in GUBERNA education programmes, round tables, seminars and more at a discounted price! 

  • GUBERNA’s Good governance tools

    Access to GUBERNA good governance tools 

  • Voting rights at the General Member Assembly

    Voting rights at the General Member Assembly 

  • Liability insurance

    Free (Limited) Liability insurance for board members for reported mandates 

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