GUBERNA Coaching Sessions

GUBERNA Coaching sessions

Do you want to further professionalise the governance in your SME, but you do not know exactly how to best proceed? You are in need of external advice but are not sure whether your SME is ready for an advisory board or a board of directors with independent directors? Or are you already convinced of the added value of a board with external advisors but do not know which profiles you need and how to best approach this?

During the short but intense guidance programme of the GUBERNA Coaching Sessions, you can count on the years of expertise of GUBERNA and DEMINOR Shareholder & Governance Services to further fine-tune and professionalise your board of directors.


During two afternoons of training, you will be given all the keys to a professional board that is tailored to you and your SME. With the help of:

  • a testimonial of an entrepreneur who has preceded you
  • our tool that scans your current board extensively and exposes its possible weaknesses
  • interactive workshops in a small group of peers, in which you will receive step-by-step guidance to move towards your final goal, whether it is an advisory board or a board with independent directors.

The powerful combination of exchange of experiences in the confidential atmosphere of a small group and a very personal approach ensures that after these two days of training, you will be completely ready for your new board.


DAY 1: your board today

Workshop "the building blocks of good governance" - guided by an expert from GUBERNA

What are the essential building blocks of good governance? What is the difference between an advisory board and a board of directors? How can good governance contribute to a more resilient organisation? What are the choices?

In this workshop we take a close look at the tasks, responsibilities, and accountability of each of the governance bodies and their interaction with other.

Practical testimonial by an entrepreneur from your region

What should you consider when composing your board? How can you make your board function optimally? Does a board with independent directors mean that you give up a " slice of control " or does it allow you to have more control over the day-to-day operations of your organisation?  Through this practical testimony you can verify all your expectations and questions.

Workshop Governance Mapping - guided by an expert from DEMINOR Shareholder & Governance Services

Together we map out the most important characteristics of the governance of your organisation. We reflect on the desired size and composition of your future board based on your strategic challenges and determine the expected agenda of the first meetings of your future advisory board or board of directors.

At the end of day 1, you will have access to the GUBERNA GMS (Governance Maturity Scan) tool

DAY 2: your board of tomorrow

Workshop "results GUBERNA GMS tool" - guided by the experts of GUBERNA and DEMINOR Shareholder & Governance Services.

We analyse the results of the GUBERNA GMS tool individually and as a group and use them to determine what you want to achieve with your future board. Which profiles should be present? How many independent directors do you want to involve? How often will your board of directors/advisors meet? Are the strategic points of attention for the future board sufficiently clearly defined? Are you ready to take the step?

Workshop "the composition of your future board" - guided by the experts of GUBERNA and DEMINOR Shareholder & Governance Services.

Together we define the job descriptions for your future directors/advisors based on the previous reflections and identify the hard skills (and soft-skills) your  board needs to further grow your business and serve as a sounding board for the strategic challenges you have identified.

At the end of this training:

  • You have gained in-depth understanding of your current governance and strategic challenges
  • You know what the composition of your future board should look like
  • you will have job descriptions for your future director(s)/advisor(s)
  • you will have access to the GUBERNA network for the distribution of your job vacancies
  • you are fully prepared for a successful first board meeting
  • You can further count on the support of GUBERNA & DEMINOR Shareholder & Governance Services

Target audience

Entrepreneurs, CEOs, and directors of SMEs

The two sessions are organised in each region and the number of participants are limited.

Practical information


The coaching sessions are organised in each of the following regions:

  • East Flanders 
  • West Flanders 
  • Walloon Brabant (FR)
  • Hainaut (FR)

The first two coaching sessions will be fully digital, but the mentoring period and the closing event could be organized in an online, life or hybrid formula depending on the evolution of the Covid-19 related restrictions. State-of-the-art technology will allow every participant to receive personal advice and interact in the most optimal way.

As from September 2021, additional regions will be covered. 


The 2 sessions per region will take place on the following dates:

East Flanders

  • Session 1 - 12/05/2021
  • Session 2 - 25/05/2021

West Flanders

  • Session 1 - 20/05/21
  • Session 2 - 8/06/2021

Walloon Brabant

  • Sessie 1 - 3/06/2021
  • Sessie 2 - 15/06/2021


  • Sessie 1 - 22/06/2021
  • Sessie 2 - 30/06/2021


SMEs up to 50 employees:

€1000, including access to the GUBERNA GMS tool and 50% discount on the GUBERNA SME Discover membership.

SMEs with 51 to 250 employees:

€2000, including access to the GUBERNA GMS tool and 50% discount on a GUBERNA SME Advance membership.


SME-Discover membership: €500, including access to the GUBERNA GMS tool

SME-Advance membership: €1000, including access to the GUBERNA GMS tool

Questions? We look forward to your call!

Catherine Delanghe

Catherine Delanghe
SME Advisor
Tel .32 471 87 64 97

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