Centre Social Governance

Centre Social Governance

The Centre for Social Governance aims to add value for type of social profit organisation using good governance best practices. The goal of the centre is to share the knowledge and expertise from GUBERNA with social profit organisations. Specifically, good governance in social profit organisations has to do with the way power and organisational processes are managed in order to achieve the mission and social impact with the collective interest of all the stakeholders (members, beneficiery groups, subsidising government, donors, etc.). 

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Centre Social Governance

Since best governance practices in social profit organisations tend to differ strongly from one another, GUBERNA decided to start initiatives for the specific sectors that these organisations are active in. The hospital sector, for example, was given a specific place within the centre. In addition, GUBERNA has developed (or has participated in) different projects to help social profit organisations achieve their mission and social impact in the best possible way.

Membership for social profit organisations

This membership offers different advantages and pricing benefits for small social profit organisation and their board members. 

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Social Governance Academy

In order to continue the King Baudouin Foundation’s initiatives and contribute to the execution of these recommendations, four partners (GUBERNA, Curia, Hefboom en Crédal) joined forces. Thanks to prof. Marleen Denef's (CURIA) proactivity, the Social Governance Academy (SGA) was started, a centre that gives the necessary support to social profit organisations to carry out recommendations with their organisation. In 2011 and 2012 the Social Governance Academy organised hands-on workshops to help organisations and to establish the conditions for good governance. 

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Like the other centres of expertise, GUBERNA regularly carries out tailor-made services for social profit organisations. Please see a few of our specific services below:

Evaluation of the board  Incompany training  Developing or revising your governance charter

Webinars corporate governance in the social profit sector.

With the support of the Belgian National Lottery and its players, we have made a webinar series, each about 20 minutes long. In each video, we and actors active in social profit organisations take a closer look at the essential elements of the board.

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Do you have suggestions, projects or questions about governance in your public organisation? We would love to help you further.

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