Education programmes

Education programmes

We believe in lifelong learning. That is why we organise diverse training programmes that support board members and business leaders in their professional development. Every education programme contains a mix of theoretical knowledge, a solid conceptual basis complemented by practical examples.

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What can you expect from an education programme at GUBERNA?

obtain knowledge

Obtain knowledge & skills

Vaardigheden ontwikkelen

Develop skills

Competenties ontplooien

Apply governance competences in practice

In order to reach the goals above we value interactivity and the exchange of experiences between peers, explained and illustrated by concrete examples and case studies. We do this with small groups of participants.

Take a look at the courses we offer below. Which course answers your needs?

GUBERNA Certified Director

Being a professional director is a journey. That is why GUBERNA organises many courses where we focus on transfering good governance competences. Our open education programme is composed of 3 modules that complement each other: Director Effectiveness, Board Effectiveness en Board Simulation

When you follow these modules, get the certificate of the module and comply with a few criteria, you can get the title of GUBERNA Certified Director.

How can I obtain the title GUBERNA Certified Director?

Meet the GUBERNA Certified Directors

GUBERNA Certified Director Traject

Collaboration with academic programme's

Incompany education & tailor-made courses

Does your organisation need a personalized approach to good governance? At GUBERNA we also offer tailor-made in-company courses. Our tailor-made courses focus on the professional development of your board members and senior management. We use a practical approach, starting from basic good governance principles, adjusted to your needs and the specific situation, and with a focus on the most recent developments in good governance. In close collaboration, we map out your needs and goals on which we build a tailor-made course that answers the needs of your organisation.

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Did you know that you can use the subsidy KMO-portefeuille for our courses?
You can apply using the following code DVL 0109497.

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Qfor quality label

All GUBERNA education programmes, events and services received the Qfor quality label.

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