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The Audit Committee

The Audit Committee: Guardian of sustainable value creation

Audit committees have huge challenges today.

In a quickly evolving landscape, audit committees are subject to complex regulations with new potential risks lurking just around the corner. The expectations and responsibilities of the audit committee are continuously being raised. In short, the audit committee is an indispensable piece of the puzzle for effective monitoring in the organisation.

  • Which tasks is the audit committee responsible for?
  • Which concrete topics need to be addressed?
  • How should the audit committee interact with management, the board of directors, internal and external auditors? What are the trends when focusing on the functioning of the audit committee.

This course offers the necessary "tips and tricks" to optimize the audit committee. By gaining expertise in this specialized content, you can create more sustainable value as a board member.


Day 1 - Positioning of the audit committee in the audit landscape

  • The legal frame, international "best practices" and the current evolutions.
  • Composition, functioning and the role of the audit committee.
  • Interaction with other actors in control

Day 2 - Key tasks related to risk management, internal control and internal audit

  • Explanations of diverse (international) frameworks.
  • (New) financial – and non-financial risks.
  • Specific responsibilities of the audit committee and the audit committee related to risk management, internal control and internal audit.
  • Implementation in practice.

Day 3 - Flashing lights in financial reporting

  • Belgian GAAP: definitions and interpretations of the most important accountancy norms.
  • Interactive workgroups: deciphering financial reporting using diverse practical examples.

Extra module (in English)

Navigating with the current IFRS-norms.


This course is based on practical examples and situations. Experts cover the most important topics using concrete examples, defining the problems and using practical tools. In addition, members of a board of directors and/or audit committee also share their experience.

Target audience

  • (canidate) board members/ members of the audit committee 
  • secretary generals
  • executive management (CFO, CRO, internal auditor)
  • registered auditor

Your investment

Cycle of 3 half-days

GUBERNA and IBR members

€ 770 (excl. VAT)


€ 1.100 (excl. VAT)

Extra module IFRS

GUBERNA and IBR members

€ 260 (excl. VAT)


€ 370 (excl. VAT)

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