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The human capital of organisations is not a topic that is the primary concern on the agenda in board meetings. This is surprising, as the people and HR matters are in many organisations central to the success of most or even all activities. Human Resources deserves its place on the agenda of the board.  The next question that follows is what about Human Resources needs to be discussed in your board meeting? Of course, in their leadership role, boards are responsible for appointing, evaluating and remunerating the C-level management, but human capital on a board level goes much broader. The broader view means being aware of the less operational aspects of HR: the long-term perspective, the societal influences and impact, future trends and implications. How will my organisation look like in twenty years? How should it look like? What is the impact of the board on the future of your organisation? 

We created this course in cooperation with our corporate member Mercuri Urval and their speaker Wout Van Impe. The combination of GUBERNA’s governance expertise and Mercuri Urval’s extensive HR experience assures balanced and thorough content that you can instantly apply in your board of directors. The aim of this course is to empower you with knowledge and information so that you can ask the right questions at the right time to your management about the human capital in your organisation. 


  • Introduction 

  • Human capital in today’s world: what are the challenges and opportunities ahead? In what context is a board operating? 

  • Human capital on a board level: what are the questions to be asked? 

What can you expect from this e-learning module? 

This programme contains video's, quizzes, assignments, and reflection questions. You can interact with your fellow learners through our discussion platform. 

Advantages of e-learning 

  • Learn at your own pace, when you want, where you want 

  • Learn on your computer, smartphone or tablet 

  • Access to the GUBERNA Lifelong Learning platform for 1 year 

  • Access to the GUBERNA good governance platform & community 

By welcoming current members as well as new members into this online learning programme we hope to make our network more accessible to young entrepreneurs and business leaders, international board members and future board members. 

Content inspires network. 
Network inspires content. 

Mercuri Urval

This programme was made in collaboration with our corporate member Mercuri Urval