Ontmoet de GUBERNA Certified Directors

Who are the GUBERNA Certified Directors

We are proud of our Alumni network

The GUBERNA Alumni network is made up at the end of 2020 of 1.763 board members that followed one or more training. This includes 126 GUBERNA Certified Directors. 

How do I become a GUBERNA Certified Director?

GUBERNA members that have completed the whole education programme and have received the course certificates (‘Director Effectiveness’ and ‘Board Effectiveness’) can apply for the title of GUBERNA Certified Director. GUBERNA Certified Directors are committed to the basic principles of independence. In addition, they demonstrate a high level of governance competences and engagement. To keep their title, the "GUBERNA Certified Director" must remain committed to continuously educate themselves. Since 2000, 1763 people have completed a part of their educational journey at GUBERNA.