Alberto Bagnara

Alberto Bagnara
Senior Research Associate
02 518 18 08

Alberto Bagnara

Alberto Bagnara is a corporate governance expert with a focus on research and training. He joined GUBERNA as Senior Research Associate in February 2019 after an 11-year tenure at Institutional Shareholder Services (ISS), where he served as Head of Italian Research.  

Before moving to Brussels, Alberto worked as training coordinator at Istituto Veneto per i Beni Culturali, a school of artistic restoration in Venice (2003-2007).

Alberto holds a master’s degree in Conservation of Cultural Heritage from Ca’ Foscari University of Venice and he obtained a master diploma in EU Policy Advisor and Project Manager from the ULB. Italian by birth, he is proficient in French and English; thanks to GUBERNA he is also strengthening his Dutch day by day. 

According to him, diversity is a key factor of good governance.

Diversity is the game changer: start today bringing talented women, young leaders and foreign competences into your organisation!