Prof. dr. Abigail Levrau

Prof. dr. Abigail Levrau
Knowledge & Research Officer
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Prof. dr. Abigail Levrau

Prof. dr. Abigail Levrau is Knowledge & Research Officer and Member of the Executive Committee of GUBERNA. She joined GUBERNA in 1997.

Abigail has built up expertise in the field of corporate governance over more than 20 years and has published several articles on this topic.

In 2007, she obtained her PhD with a thesis on 'board effectiveness'. Relying on her academic background, she is currently responsible for overseeing the multiple research projects conducted by GUBERNA and is a key actor in board evaluation exercises. She is also instrumental in the development of the education portfolio and frequently acts as a lecturer on governance and boards in particular. Besides, she is a guest professor at Ghent University and Mathias Corvinus Collegium (Hungary). She also serves as an independent director.

In addition, she is member of the Admission Committee of WoB and of the Editorial Board “Corporate Governance: The International journal of Business in Society”. More recently, she took up the position of leader of the Corporate Governance Dialogue, an initiative of ecoDa (link).

Abigail holds a degree in Applied Economics from Ghent University.

Governance is all about doing the right things and doing things right at the right time with the right people.

Board dynamics is the key to unlock the potential of the board.