Naast onze corporate leden en de partners van onze centra, kunnen wij voor enkele projecten op de steun rekenen van een aantal ad hoc partners.


GUBERNA has entered a partnership with the Belgian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association (BVA), chaired by Thierry François. BVA, is the member organization for the venture capital and private equity industry in Belgium. It regroups 47 funds active in all segments of the private equity industry. Its members provide early-stage financing, development capital and capital for management buyouts as well. The aim of the partnership is to create a platform for the exchange of experiences, being an added value for GUBERNA members. It is also an opportunity to increase awareness on best corporate governance practices amongst private equity organisations.
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FBN Belgium

Created in 2005, FBN Belgium is the association of the leading Belgian multigenerational Family Businesses. It belongs to FBN international, a global not-for-profit network which rapidly developed worldwide to over 5 600 family business leaders from 56 countries in all continents. The FBN network is run ‘by family businesses, for family businesses’ with the aim of strengthening success and sustainability over generations.

Our objective is to help family businesses - which represent 33% of the Belgian GNP and 45% of employment - through the exchange of best practices and sharing of experiences within our network. We organize a range of events including seminars, interactive workshops, company visits and case studies in order to better understand some specific issues facing family businesses (such as governance of the business and the family, entrepreneurship, legal and financial issues, transition and succession, communication,...) Our speakers include prominent international academics as well as top business leaders. There is also a dynamic ownership education program for the Next Generation members (aged 18-40) including peer learning and internships opportunities both in Belgium and worldwide.

FBNet Belgium is partner of GUBERNA in the project “Mentoring Programme 2013-2014”.

Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB)

The Federation of Enterprises in Belgium (FEB) is the only multi-sector employers' organisation representing companies in all three regions of Belgium. Its members, Belgium's leading sectoral federations, represent companies in key industrial and service sectors.  In terms of jobs, FEB represents approximately 80% of the employment in the private sector. FEB aims to work towards creating an optimum business environment; promote business interests at federal, European and international level; ensure consistency in the message entrepreneurs deliver and the actions they take.

FEB’s activities, backed up by knowledge of what is happening in the field thanks to the expertise provided by its member federations, cover all business-related matters. More specifically, FEB is involved in economic, social, legal and fiscal issues. FEB aims to boost the Belgian economy by improving economic growth and creating more jobs.   

FEB is partner of GUBERNA in the project “Mentoring Programme 2013-2014”.

Institute of Registered Auditors (IRE-IBR)

The Institute of Registered Auditors (IBR-IRE) is the representative organisation for the auditing profession in Belgium. The Institute of Registered Auditors was created by law of 22 July 1953. The Institute counts 1052 individual members, almost 500 trainees and approximately 500 auditing firms. The title of ‘registered auditor’ is protected by law. The Institute mainly establishes national standards on auditing, sets up the education program, organizes the access to the profession, takes care of the investigation and the follow up of the quality control and provides different services to its members. The main activity of the registered  auditor is the statutory audit. The registered auditor is a highly specialized professional, an impartial expert and a key player in the economic world. He is a key actor for companies during their entire existence.

The Institute of Registered Auditors is partner of GUBERNA in the organisation of trainings and events related to audit committees.

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Mercuri Urval

Mercuri Urval is an international consulting group connecting people with strategy - creating new levels of performance in your organization through solutions such as Recruitment, Talent Management and  Business Transformation. Their national and international dedicated Board & Executive team operates at top level from Chairmen, CEO and Senior Director to Non-Executive Board Member. They have decades of experience in ‘Executive Search’ helping clients to hire worldwide hundreds of Executives a year. They create value for their clients through the acquirement of fresh leadership, through leadership development, M&A and/or change processes.

Mercuri Urval is partner of GUBERNA in the project “Mentoring Programme 2013-2014”.

Women on board

Women on Board was born from the shared vision of a group of women business leaders who want to increase the number of women sitting on the boards of directors of Belgian organisations, both public and private. Its members are women from diverse professional backgrounds who hold high positions of responsibility and who have proven an exceptional ability to exercise mature business judgment and take decisive action. Together, they form a unique pool of talent upon which boards can draw.

Women on Board together with GUBERNA have started a mentoring project that aims at giving an opportunity to a few of their members to be mentored by experienced CEO's or board members of important Belgian companies, during a period of 18 months. The ‘Mentor’ draws on his/her experience and  insights to guide her ‘Mentee’ to improve her networking and self-profiling skills and gives her practical advice on leadership and what is required to become a director. This mentorship can provide a very enriching personal development opportunity and be a strong support for a businesswoman on her path to the board room.

Top Management

TOP MANAGEMENT is the first virtual network of Top Managers in Belgium and editor of the year book TOP MANAGEMENT with approximately 7500 profiles of Top Managers (Members of the Management Board) it is also accessible on internet ( TOP MANAGEMENT is a facilitator of contacts and organizes various series of events of high standing, see equally

GUBERNA and TOP MANAGEMENT have decided to work together, as partners, to inform better their respective members.


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