Manifesto to the new European Commission and European Parliament

Position Statement of ecoDa on some major corporate governance questions, addressed to the future European Commission and European Parliament.


While the European Commission is preparing technical notes for the new Commissioners and their staff to be appointed and while (potentially new) MEPs started their election campaigns, the ecoDa board, acting as "the European Voice of Directors", would like to take the opportunity to address number of corporate governance issues we consider important and relevant to the European Business Community for the coming years.

We are convinced that the European Union’s ambition to realize smart, inclusive and sustainable growth can only be reached when promoting and supporting sustainable and responsible businesses. To this end ecoDa, wants to highlight the important contribution good governance can bring to professionalizing our European business firms, supporting their growth strategies while also facilitating growth financing and the succession or transmission of business firms.

The ecoDa board therefore decided to submit a number of ideas that could help the European organizations to better grasp the governance priorities Europe is confronted with.

1. Board room professionalism – Optimizing boardroom dynamics and leadership, professional director development and board independence.
2. Duties and rights of shareholders – Promoting active & long term shareholdership
3. International level playing field - Finding the right balance between the need for further promoting the single European market while making optimal use of the rich diversity in governance models throughout Europe – Building more proportionality within the governance regulations.
4. Developing the right governance framework for different ownership structures and models.

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23 jan 2020
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20 feb 2020
24 mrt 2020

Manifesto to the new European Commission and European Parliament