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September 2019
Dag van de Bestuurder / Journée de l’Administrateur 2019
17 October 2019
Agile Corporate Governance: Contradictio in Terminis?
Corporate Governance in the Age of Digital Transformation

Dans l’exercice de leur mandat, les administrateurs sont de plus en plus confrontés au concept VUCA, qui reflète les incertitudes que recèle un monde complexe, imprévisible et très volatile. Le sens d’un objectif clair et du leadership y sont plus importants que jamais. La transformation numérique est par ailleurs une des priorités pour de nombreuses organisations.

Lors de la Journée de l’Administrateur, le Prof. Steven De Haes (AMS), Danielle Jacobs (Beltug) et Felix Van de Maele (Collibra) sensibiliseront et informeront administrateurs et futurs administrateurs sur la façon dont la transformation numérique peut être une source d'innovation, afin d'en tirer de nouveaux modèles d’entreprises durables.

Nous commencerons cet après-midi riche en inspiration à 14 heures, et à 18 heures nous dévoilerons la raison d'être de GUBERNA dans ce monde digital. L’après-midi se clôturera par une réception.

Date 17 octobre 2019, 14.00 - 19.00
Lieu ING - 24 Avenue Marnix, Bruxelles
Prix d'entrée
Membres : €150 (hors TVA)
Non-membres : Profitez jusqu’au 17 septembre d’une offre Early Bird de €200 (hors TVA) ; pour les inscriptions après le 17 septembre : €250 (hors TVA)

En participant à cet évènement, les membres GUBERNA Certified Directors reçoivent 4 points d’éducation permanente.

Cet évènement est organisé avec le support
de notre partenaire
et le soutien de
5 tips - How Boards can Help the CEO Face Digital Transformation

Steven De Haes, speaker at Director's Day 2019

In our increasingly digitized economy, information technology (IT) has become fundamental to support, sustain and grow organizations. Successful organizations leverage the digital innovation potential but also understand and manage the risks and constraints of technology. Previously, governing boards could delegate, ignore or avoid IT decisions, but the disruptive new technologies are increasingly being felt at board level. Emerging research calls for more board level engagement in enterprise governance of IT and identifies serious consequences for digitized organizations in case the board is not involved. Discover the 5 tips for the board >>
Usefulness and nonsense of board committees

The origin of board committees

Within the boundaries of the ‘corporate governance tripod’, corporate governance codes typically allocate three roles to the board of directors. Deciding upon the strategic direction of the company, monitoring the company and its management and ensuring that the company has the right daily leadership. In order to execute these roles, the board can install specialised advisory committees.

In the early days, it was a sign of good governance to set up a number of committees in areas with the highest risk of conflicts of interests, in particular finance, nominations and remuneration. Later on, committees became more and more used to deal with specific tasks which fall under the responsibility of the board, but for which it does not necessarily have the time and resources. By giving tasks to committees, boards can spend their time more efficiently. Read more >>
Are you a member of an audit committee and do you want to further develop your skills?

On September 16 we will kick off our new education programme “Het Auditcomité - Bewaker van Duurzame Waardecreatie”, organised with IBR. We have some seats left for the extra module on the IFRS norms of 22/10 which will be conducted in English. Register now >>.

Date 22/10/2019, 13.30 - 17.00
Location Brussels

Upon general demand, we will organise this programme in French in spring 2020. Send us an email >> if you want to be the first to find out the dates and programme.
Yearly Day of the Listed Companies – 14 October 2019

On 14 October 2019 we organise the 6th edition of the Yearly Day of the Listed Companies together with FEB, in partnership with EY and supported by Euronext and the Corporate Governance Committee.

Six months after the entry into force of the 2020 Code and the Companies and Associations Code, we will look at the questions that arise from its implementation: Who are the early adopters within the listed companies? Which changes have they made to their corporate governance arrangements? What problems did they encounter? Which are the dispositions in the 2020 Code that are not clear and cause uncertainties? Confirmed speakers are: Philippe Lambrecht, Thomas Leysen, Sandra Gobert, Jean-Paul Servais, Vincent Van Dessel.

By attending this event, GUBERNA Certified Directors receive 4 permanent education points.
The Big Score
GUBERNA proudly invites you to The Big Score

The Big Score takes place in Ghent from October 21-23 and aims to bring together 150 company founders and 200+ international growth-stage VC's and corporate buyers.
What can you expect
  • Exclusive matchmaking & live pitching sessions featuring 50 high-growth, promising European tech scale-ups and 25 hottest Belgian tech start-ups ready to solve your key business challenges
  • Tackle your specific challenges by engaging directly with high-growth European scale-ups & Belgian start-ups in 20+ prescheduled one-on-one meetings
  • Broaden your tech network with international VCs & founders in attendance
Practical details
  • Date: October 21-23
  • Location: MeetDistrict, Ghent

Note however that this event is restricted to corporates. If non-corporates purchase through the link, The Big Score will refund their tickets to keep the integrity of the event.
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Academy voor beginnende start-up investeerders
Academy voor beginnende start-up investeerders
Vanaf oktober organiseren we in samenwerking met accelerator Birdhouse een Investor Academy met als doel mensen op een goede manier te leren investeren in start-ups. Deze opleiding omvat:
  • 6 dagen intense training gefocust op praktijk & echte voorbeelden
  • Onderwerpen gaande van hoe je een pitch moet evalueren tot hoe je best een exit kunt realiseren
  • 3 netwerkevents om de andere investeerders te leren kennen
  • Exclusieve toegang tot het Birdhouse Investor Network waarbij je een jaar lang deal flow krijgt
Onze CEO Sandra Gobert neemt het deel rond governance bij start-ups voor haar rekening.
Als partner kunnen wij onze leden 15% korting aanbieden via de code ‘GUBERNA2019’.
Meer informatie >>
Certificat d’université en « Gouvernance des sociétés et associations »
Formation UCLouvain
Une réduction de 5% sur les frais d’inscription est accordée aux alumni de GUBERNA. N’oubliez pas de le préciser lors de votre inscription.

Vacant board mandates
A service for GUBERNA members

We have received 5 new vacant board mandates. Check them out on our website by logging in on My GUBERNA login >> and clicking on Services & Tools > Services.

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18/09/19 Hospital Governance Forum (on invitation only)
Corporate Governance in the Age of Digital Transformation
24/10/19 Audit Committee Forum (on invitation only)
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