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November 2019
Director's Day 2019 brought us exciting questions about governance in a digital and interconnected world. Directors play a crucial role in innovating companies and redesigning the role of companies in this society.

The third wave of corporate governance forces companies to reflect on the purpose of the company and to redefine it, taking into account People and Planet. For a company to function sustainably, it must not only think about the profit of its shareholders, but it must also take into account the ecosystem in which it operates.

At GUBERNA, under the leadership of our Board, and together with our team, our alumni and members, we conducted this reflection. This gave us a new, well-considered purpose for a digital world:

Better Governance, Better Organisations, Better World.

GUBERNA sincerely believes that better governance leads to better organisations and that better organisations contribute to a better world.

We believe that GUBERNA should help organisations to perform better by adopting good governance.
Within the third wave of governance, a socially responsible purpose for organisations is becoming increasingly important.

The purpose is an essential guide for the board of directors, management and staff. GUBERNA does not make a statement about the purpose of organisations, but believes that having a clear purpose is indispensable.

In order to fulfil our purpose, GUBERNA will continue its efforts to promote and stimulate good governance in all organisations, by means of clear roles, qualitative decision-making, ethics and integrity. Leadership and entrepreneurship and the right balance between daring and doing are, of course, essential in this respect. Sustainable success is the ultimate goal.

Through our strategic pillars - knowledge development, lifelong learning and member reach & community - we can achieve this goal and have an impact, together with our partners and members, without whom all this would not be possible.

Content inspires network, network inspires content remains our baseline.

More attention to digitisation is a fact! A new digital, datadriven website that focuses even more on member interaction and lifelong learning is in the making. To be continued ...
Our new purpose deserves a new logo
which builds on our rich history & radiates our new purpose.
The logo sign expresses the balance between stimulating and supporting entrepreneurship (the engine) and taking care of the necessary controls (the brakes) as well as the interaction between content and network.

Our academic knowledge inspires our network; our network provides us with themes and knowledge.
GUBERNA's digitale transformatie

Ons team werkt hard aan een nieuwe digitale & datadriven website die volop inzet op lifelong learning en interactie tussen onze leden.

Soms zullen we genoodzaakt zijn om bepaalde functionaliteiten tijdelijk uit te schakelen en onverwachte problemen kunnen helaas niet uitgesloten worden.

Indien u problemen ondervindt, aarzel niet om ons te contacteren op

On November 29, we will move our Brussels’ office from the Rue de la Montagne to our new location.

As from December 1, we warmly
welcome you at
Koningsstraat 148 Rue Royale
1000 Brussel/ Bruxelles

as well as in our Ghent office, Reep 1, 9000 Gent
Reflections on Directors’ Day: Agile Corporate Governance: Contradictio in Terminis?
Corporate Governance in the Age of Digital Transformation
By Philip Verhaeghe

2019 Directors’ Day provided the many GUBERNA-members with a strong and clear wake-up call, combined with a precious call to action. Digital transformation and innovation are everywhere and therefore certainly affect the way companies should be governed. Directors have an urgent duty to become more “tech-savvy”, to be more in touch with what the latest technologies can offer. As digitisation and innovation have an impact on all businesses, they can no longer be a blind spot on the agenda of a board of directors! More >>
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Cycle de vidéos axé sur la gouvernance au sein des ASBL

Comme expliqué lors de notre Newsletter d’octobre, nous avons, grâce à la Loterie Nationale ainsi qu’à ses joueurs, créé une série de 4 webinaires autours de la gouvernance des organisations à profit social !
Logo Loterie Nationale Loterij
Nous vous présentons donc notre premier épisode, où nous évoquons ce qu’est la bonne gouvernance, quels en sont les éléments essentiels et ce qu’elle peut, concrètement, apporter aux ASBL. Pour ce faire, nous nous sommes appuyés notamment sur l’expérience de plusieurs administrateurs actifs dans différent type d’ASBL.

Nous vous souhaitons un bon visionnage et nous vous donnons d’ores et déjà rendez-vous le mois prochain pour notre deuxième webinaire.

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Governance in family businesses: Who is the family?

Family businesses are justly considered the backbone of our economy and are praised by many for their long-term perspective and ‘good housekeeping’ in which the family is a key driver.
A recent award-winning study of prof.dr. Valérie Denis (ICHEC Families in Businesses Chair,) points out that whereas the leaders of family businesses feel responsible for transmitting the entrepreneurial spirit to their children, their children emphasise the key role of the spouse of the company’s leader.

This observation inspired us to a reflection on the notion of the ‘family’ in a governance context in view of the continuity of the family business. If the spouses of the head of the family business appear to play a pivotal role in transmitting the entrepreneurial spirit to their children, could or should they also play a role from a governance perspective? More >>

Spouses of leaders, first transmitters of the entrepreneurial spirit
Prof. dr. Valérie Denis

A long tradition of entrepreneurial research has repeatedly highlighted the importance of the family in the genesis and transmission of entrepreneurial skills and behaviors.
Some researchers have attributed this effect to the phenomenon of role models, which explains how, within a family, parents are observed and then imitated by children, which affects both children’s goals, once they become adults, as well as their aspirations and attitudes. More >>
Event Centre Public governance – 05/12/2019
À qui le directeur public doit rendre des comptes ?

Le Centre de Gouvernance Publique de GUBERNA vous invite à son événement annuel dédié à la gouvernance du secteur public, avec le soutien de ses partenaires Belfius et Deloitte. L'événement de cette année sera consacré à la question « À qui le directeur public doit rendre des comptes ? »

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Il s'agit de l'un des sujets les plus difficiles à aborder dans le domaine de la gouvernance publique. Comment l'administrateur public peut-il défendre l'intérêt social de l'entreprise publique, tout en prenant suffisamment en compte l'intérêt de l'actionnaire public ? L'actionnaire public ne faisant pas directement partie du conseil d'administration, comment les lignes de communication entre l'actionnaire public, l'entreprise et l'administrateur public peuvent-elles être organisées de manière professionnelle ? Toutes ces questions seront abordées lors de cet événement.

Thank you to our partner
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Alumni Forum – 10/12/2019
Sustainable entrepreneurship, critical in today’s economic paradigm shift?

Anticipation is a key competence of a director and of the board. Understanding the key economic developments is a must to help navigating your organization successfully.
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Can sustainable entrepreneurship be a source of innovation? Is reporting on sustainable goals credible in today’s economy? Should a higher capital weighting be applied for non-sustainable activities and investments? Koen De Leus, Chief Economist at BNP Paribas Fortis will share his insights at the GUBERNA Alumni Forum.

Thank you to our partner
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How to shape tomorrow’s boards to allow them to provide pertinent answers to upcoming challenges? Will digital tools facilitate the changes required?
ecoDa and iBabs - a leading provider of dematerialised board portal solutions for corporate and public organisations, acquired by Euronext - would like to get your opinion on 20 questions to approach the future of governance as a board member.

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Sustainable entrepreneurship, critical in today's economic paradigm shift?
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