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Women Want More is a timely book based on the findings of a groundbreaking study 
(The Boston Consulting Group's Global Inquiry into Women and Consumerism, which polled 12,000 women in 21 countries) that gets to the heart of women's deepest desires, frustrations, and goals. The authors describe how this 'invisible market' has grown in size, influence, and buying power, and they reveal the countless opportunities for companies who understand that meeting women's needs is the key to re-powering our current economy. Women Want More offers companies real strategies for growing their global markets by finding innovative ways to appeal to women's needs and concerns through the results of their well-timed study. Business people should take note of the book's many revelations. Among them: demands on time were cited as the number one challenge by 47 percent of our respondents; and, 48 percent said managing household finances was the top challenge. The predominant sources of arguments between the respondent and her spouse or partner were: Money, 19 percent Chores, 15 percent Work schedule, 12 percent Children, 10 percent Sex. Some 68 percent of the respondents believe they are significantly or slightly higher than their ideal body weight. Only 25 percent of the women surveyed believe they are extremely or very attractive. 44 percent say they rarely or never feel powerful. While the main audience is business readers, this book will appeal to a wide general audience, as well. Like Paco Underhill's Why We Buy, Women Want More doesn't just offer a glimpse into consumer behavior, how to get their attention, and better serve their needs; it reveals what consumer behavior says about human psychology and desire.

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