Every board member – man or woman, beginner or experienced – can use the practical advise, clear information and inspiration in this guide in order to carry out his or her board mandate in a professional way.

The "Board Member Handbook" wishes to represent the ABC of best practices related to good governance. Due to its unique perspectives, this handbook can act supplementary to all codes and regulations, by for example placing the individual board member in the center of good governance. The text consists mainly of practical behavioral guidelines and focus points that answers the four following questions: What do I have to do before I accept a board mandate? What do I have to do while I carry out a mandate? Why do I need to evaluate the mandate? How can I end my mandate as a board member in a positive way?

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For who?

This Handbook is meant for non-executive board members, board members that have no operational tasks in the organisation. Even though it is mainly aimed at independent board members, other board members can also benefit from this handbook by reviewing the behavioral rules that are discussed and by getting inspired to improve the mandates they currently carry out. In addition, board members in the Handbook also find clear explanations about the norm, expectations and requirements that are tied to their function.

Praktische informatie

Het “Handboek voor de bestuurder” is beschikbaar in één volume dat zowel de Franstalige als de Nederlandstalige versie bevat. 

U kan het boek aankopen via Intersentia Uitgever (€50): mail@intersentia.be of www.intersentia.be

[1]Nationale Bank van België, Statistieken betreffende de jaarrekeningen van ondernemingen, de jaarrekeningen van grote verenigingen zonder winstoogmerk en private stichtingen, en de sociale balansen - Verklarende nota voor het boekjaar 2013, blz. 10

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