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Welcome to the GUBERNA membership calculator!

This tool's objective is to make your search for the most suitable GUBERNA membership easier. Answer a brief number of questions and then select "Find My Membership" to find the most appropriate membership for you or your organisation.

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Why become a member of GUBERNA?

As a GUBERNA member, you benefit from numerous amenities:

  • Knowledge Centre

You have access to research and publications to put your governance into practice.

  • Lifelong learning

Participate in our educational programmes for a member fee and obtain the title GUBERNA Certified Director.

  • GUBERNA Community

Connect with our members at our events and in our online community to share important insights.

  • Open board mandates

Find out which organisations wish to strengthen their board of directors or advisory board. Or distribute your vacancies within our network.

  • Personalised support

You can always reach out to us for personalised governance advice.

  • Exclusive events

Participate in exclusive events and working groups for free or at a discounted rate.

  • Governance Tools

With the help of our easy-to-use governance tools, you have the opportunity to further improve and develop your governance.

  • Newsletters

Stay up-to-date on governance developments through validated information.

  • Governance Forum

Participate in the governance debate and submit your questions to our experienced and specialised network.

  • Liability insurance

Enjoy free limited liability insurance for your reported mandates.

Premium memberships

At GUBERNA, we believe that good governance leads to better organisations and that better organisations contribute to a better world. That's why we offer personalised governance guidance to our premium members who want to promote good governance in their organisations.

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Memberships types

Individual membership

Individual membership allows you to connect with other directors and further develop your own board competences.

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Young GUBERNA membership

Are you younger than 35? If so, the Young GUBERNA membership is the perfect fit for you. As a Young GUBERNA member, you'll enjoy numerous membership benefits, including access to our GUBERNA network and library, the GUBERNA mentorship programme and much more. 

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Institutional Membership

With the Institutional Membership, your members of the board and representatives of the top management (executive committee, management committee, & secretary general) are involved in the operation of GUBERNA.

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Collective Membership

As a Collective Member of GUBERNA, 9 individuals from your organisation can enjoy numerous membership benefits. In doing so, your organisation becomes an accredited member of GUBERNA, and the directors and members of the management committee become effective members.

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Social Profit Membership 

With GUBERNA's Social Profit membership, your organisation can take steps in the right direction, to find the right balance in your day-to-day management. On top of that, you will enjoy numerous membership benefits!

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Journey Membership 

Using the Journey membership, you as an organisation can enjoy special support for the development of your governance for 5 years.

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