Welcome to the GUBERNA Community


Welcome to the GUBERNA Community!

We strive to create a real community where our members are all able to take charge and can start initiatives. As a member at GUBERNA, you are a part of a network of 2.500 members that face similar challenges to yours. In this community you can contact each other directly to maintain and build on your relationships in the GUBERNA network. However, you are in the drivers seat: you determine which information you share and who you want to share it with. 

Use the filters in the community below to find members based on their name, function, name of their company and more. In the GUBERNA forum you can ask a question to the GUBERNA team or to the entire network. The forum makes it possible to ask questions publicly and to look up conversations per topic or category. To make sure everything goes smoothly we added a few Forum rules. Also see how the forum works.

Are you not a member at GUBERNA and would you like to joint our network?  See which membership is the best fit for you.