GUBERNA International

GUBERNA International

Despite continuous changes in the governance landscape, GUBERNA is always up to speed on the latest international trends. GUBERNA is incredibly (pro)active internationally and therefore not only follows up on trends but actively anticipates complex trends. 

Being a knowledge center, GUBERNA is a valued sounding board for policy makers. In addition to the role of GUBERNA in the Belgian Corporate Governance Commissions for listed companies and non-listed companies, GUBERNA also takes up a leading role in the European Confederation of Director Associations (ecoDa). 

Our strong international involvement ensures that GUBERNA is highly involved in important decision-making processes about governance on a European level. 

European Confederation of Directors’ Associations (ecoDa)

ecoDa represents more than 55,000 board members from diverse organisations and 21 European countries.  

As ‘the European Voice of Directors’ ecoDa is an important platform for board members to exchange ideas about current challenges and topics. For example, what is the impact of good governance on the organisation, society and the planet? EcoDa listens to the needs of European board members and combines these into one voice in European dates via publications such as position papers and (informal) contacts with the European Commission. In addition, ecoDa developed and published the first European recommendations for non-listed companies in march of 2010. 

In terms of professional development, ecoDa organises a yearly 2-day European training for board members. More info about ecoDa. 


The role of  GUBERNA on a European level 

GUBERNA is founding member and active member of ecoDA that promotes professionalism and good governance in Europe. Different GUBERNA employees are involved in diverse ecoDa commissions. Due to our active role, GUBERNA works directly on European policy. 

International collaborations

Working together on an international scope has been a priority at GUBERNA from the start in research, events and trainings. Do you want to include GUBERNA in an international project or do you want to contact our experts? 

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