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GUBERNA organises different activities for listed companies. With workgroups, round tables and other events, we dive into and debate on several relevant themes with listed companies. On a yearly basis we organize the Day of Listed Companies where we zoom in on different innovations and new challenges for listed companies, not just from a legal standpoint, but also broader: economic, social, etc. In addition, GUBERNA has initiated an audit committee exclusively for members. The Audit Committee Forum is a platform to share experiences related to the Audit Committee. Best practices and sharing concrete tips and tricks are the main focus in order to increase awareness and the ability to effectively implement and increase audit committee processes. 

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Research and Development

GUBERNA regularly carries out research about governance practices for listed companies. In the first place, this research is carried out based on public information (formal compliance). On top of this, we pride ourselves in researching more qualitative corporate governance practices in listed companies. Reference publications include the biennial monitoring study on the Belgian Corporate Governance Code and an update on remuneration practices in Belgian listed companies. 

Of course, international studies focused on corporated governance are also followed intensely by our experts in order to ensure that we stay up to date on the develops in our neighboring countries. GUBERNA not only observes on the sidelines but plays an active role in national and international debates and discussions based on a strong repertoire of experience and knowledge. 

Publications for listed companies

Cyber-Risk Oversight

The ISA’s cyber-risk handbooks are an attempt to provide Board members with a simple and coherent framework to understand cyber risk, as well as a series of straight-forward questions for Boards to ask management to assure that their organisation is properly addressing its unique cyber-risk posture.

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Urgenda: how urgently should climate change be put on the agenda of the board?

On our first digital member forum onthe 21st of April we will reflect upon the impact of the Urgenda legal case on the accountability of companies. But what/who is Urgenda? Why is a court ruling on climate change against the Dutch government significant for Belgian companies? Which lessons can a board of directors take away from this case? And what will be the impact of the current COVID-19 crisis on the climate debate?

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