GUBERNA Certified Director

How can I receive the title of GUBERNA Certified Director?

GUBERNA, the knowledge centre for good governance in Belgium, organises different open education opportunities for (candidate) board members. Our open education programme is composed of 3 modules that build on each other: Director EffectivenessBoard Effectiveness en Board Simulation. These courses are for experienced as well as candidate board members, from diverse organisations, independent of size, corporate or non-corporate. The GUBERNA courses and related procedures are regularly subject to a critical review and are challenged by our Alumni.


Every course gives access to a certificate.
You can receive the "Certificate Director Effectivess" by taking a (written) knowledge-based exam. Everyone that followed all of the lessons of module I “Director Effectiveness” can register for this exam.

You can receive the “Certificate Board Effectiveness” by analyzing a case (written). Everyone that regularly followed Module II “Board Effectiveness” (minimum 80% of the lessons) can register for this exam.

Become a GUBERNA Certified Director

The board members that followed the GUBERNA course mentioned above and that receive the accompanying certificate can receive the title of GUBERNA Certified Director, if they meet the following conditions:

  • Being a member at GUBERNA and being aligned with the membership contributions before the yearly General Member Forum of GUBERNA
  • Endorse and comply with the Charter van de GUBERNA Director 
  • Having knowledge of the procedures for certification and committed oneself to the following permanent education for a total of 30 points spread over a period of 3 years. You can find the points awarded for each event and continuous education on the relevant webpage.
GUBERNA Certified Director