“Better Boards, Better Organisations, Better World”

The digital time period we live in and the increased inter-connectivity of the world forces organisations to reflect on and redefine their purpose, taking People and Planet into account. If an organisation wants to be sustainable, then it can not solely focus on Profit, but also needs to focus on the ecosystem in which it functions, including human and ecological capital.

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GUBERNA has thought hard about its purpose. The strategic exercises that we have carried out with our team, the board of directors and the GUBERNA alumni has resulted in a new purpose: Better Boards, Better Organisations, contributing to a Better World.  

We will continue to support listed and public organisations, but will also focus our attention on SME's, family businesses and social profit organisations. The new Code of Companies and Associations also requires these organisations to implement good governance best practices.

Our mission

GUBERNA wants to stimulate good governance in all organisations and in doing so relies on clear roles, qualitative decision-making, ethics and integrity. Governance includes natural leader- and entrepreneurship and finds a balance between daring and doing. Sustainable value creation is the ultimate goal.

Our vision

GUBERNA wants to have a positive impact and has the ambition to become the standard in terms of good governance in every type of organisation. We want to be a preferred partner for all governance actors, to be a knowledge center, provide education, support the implementation, and contribute to knowledge sharing and best practices in our network:


network inspires content, content inspires network.


GUBERNA wants to be the undisputed opinion leader.

The logosymbol of GUBERNA reflects the balance between stimulating and supporting entrepreneurship (the motor) and providing the necessary controls (breaks), and additionally reflects the interaction between content and network. Our academic knowledge not only inspires our network, our network contributes important topics as well.

Our purpose

Our purpose for a digitally connected world is as follows: “Better Boards, Better Organisations, contributing to a Better World”. GUBERNA believes that good governance leads to better organisations and that better organisations contribute to a better world. Via our strategic pillars - reach, knowledge development en lifelong learning – we can reach this goal.

Our strategic pillars

  • Strategische pijlers

    Strategic pillars

    GUBERNA strives to stimulate good governance in all types of organisations since we truly believe that good governance leads to better organisations and that better organisations contribute to a better world. To make this mission a reality, GUBERNA has three strategic pillars:

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  • Meet the GUBERNA team

    Our experts

    GUBERNA wants to promote good governance in all types of organisations. Our experts are here to help you.

    Meet the GUBERNA team
  • our goverance

    Our Governance

    GUBERNA is led by the Management Committee and the entire team, and is supported by a dedicated board of directors and the highly appreciated input of three broader advisory bodies.

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GUBERNA Statutes

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