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As a part of the Premium offering, GUBERNA offers incompany education tailor-made to organisations who need a flexible and personalized education programme for good governance. With this service GUBERNA wants to support your organisation with the professional development of your board members and senior management. To accomplish this, GUBERNA uses a highly practical approach, that starts with the basic principles for good governance and that continues to take recent developments in good governance into account. We define the needs and the goals of the organisation with personalized consultations. Further, GUBERNA recommends an incompany education programme that is adjusted to the specific situation in your organisation.

Attention: this Premium service is only for Premium members of GUBERNA

Incompany education for social profit organisations & SMEs

In addition to this Premium service, we also offer incompany education for social profit organisations and SMEs. Please contact us if you are interested in this specific offer.

Incompany education Social Profit

Incompany education SME

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All GUBERNA education programmes, events and services received the Qfor quality label.

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