GUBERNA Pool of Talent

You have attended one or more GUBERNA training programmes and would like to accelerate the implementation of the corporate governance skills you have acquired?

GUBERNA offers various services and activities through its centres of expertise and is looking for talents like you. By joining our GUBERNA Pool of Talent, you become part of a group of experts that GUBERNA can call upon for specific assignments.

To submit your application, please send the following documents (Charter, Application and Self-Assessment) together with your CV and motivation letter to

In the first phase, the GUBERNA Certified Directors have priority to join the GUBERNA Pool of Talent.

Do you have any questions or remarks? Please do not hesitate to submit them to

Charter of the GUBERNA Pool of Talent (PoT)


  • Develop the portfolio of governance services that GUBERNA offers at a fair pricing, to every type of organisation, in particular to SMEs and the social-profit sector.
  • Provide exposure to the GUBERNA Alumni via the GUBERNA network.


Missions of various nature related to the activities run by GUBERNA in the field of good governance, such as sounding boards, coaching sessions, ABC Governance, panel discussions, …


Candidates have to meet the following conditions to apply to the GUBERNA Pool of Talent:

  1. GUBERNA members.
  2. Have  a board experience, and have specific skills and expertise for ad-hoc projects that GUBERNA develops for every type of organisation, in particular for SMEs and social-profit organisations
  3. Commit to act as GUBERNA ambassadors by 
    • being actively involved in GUBERNA activities;
    • attending GUBERNA events;
    • endorsing the points of view of GUBERNA.
  4. Apply by
    • signing the Charter of the GUBERNA Pool of Talent;
    • filling in the digital application form;
    • submitting your motivation letter;
    • and including a recent CV

GUBERNA Selection & Evaluation Committee (SEC)

  1. Is composed of
    • the chair and 2 additional members of the GUBERNA Alumni Council;
    • the Executive Director of GUBERNA;
    • 2 staff members of GUBERNA (among whom the coordinator of the GUBERNA Alumni Network).
  2. Guarantees the highest standards of quality.
  3. Examines the applications of the GUBERNA Alumni and deliberates on their inclusion in (or exclusion from) the PoT.
  4. Evaluates the skills of each Talent and his/ her compliance with other requirements or evaluation factors (based on provided documentation and on the evaluation of previous missions).
  5. Selects the most appropriate PoT member for every mission
  6. Determines the remuneration to be granted for the mission.


  • Unless otherwise stated, all missions will be executed on a voluntary basis.
  • In the case that a remuneration is foreseen, it will be aligned to the global remuneration policy of GUBERNA and the practices in the social-profit sector.

Conflicts of interests

Whenever a conflict of interest might occur, the GUBERNA PoT member will immediately and proactively inform the GUBERNA SEC and put his mission on hold until he receives the decision of the GUBERNA SEC. A delay of six months after the end of the GUBERNA PoT mission is recommended before starting a personal  business relationship with the company.

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