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While there are many conceptual and theoretical layers to corporate governance, in reality the success (or failure) of a board of directors is sometimes already by the beginning determined by the organisation and preparation of the board meetings. Efficient organisation contributes to the efficiency of the meeting in many ways. In this online programme, we offer structural insights and practical tips of how to organise a board meeting and what elements one should take into account before, during and after the meeting.  

Topics include how to determine the calendar and how to set the agenda, how to determine information access and availability, how to create an optimal decision-making process and what to take into account when creating the minutes. The content of this module is based on GUBERNA’s research and testimonials of experienced board members, chairpersons and secretary-generals.  

An efficient board organisation is the first step in the professionalisation of your board of directors. This module is particularly relevant for young and/or small organisations that aim to bring their board of directors to a next level.    

GUBERNA’s Secretary-General Liesbeth De Ridder guides you through the different steps, supported by extensive visual and textual material.    


  • Introduction 

  • Setting the calendar and the agenda 

  • Information 

  • Decision-making in board meetings 

  • The minutes of a board meeting  

What can you expect from this e-learning module? 

This 3 hour programme contains video's, quizzes, assignments, and reflection questions. You can interact with your fellow learners through our discussion platform. The language of the module is English.  

Advantages of e-learning: 

  • Learn at your own pace, when you want, where you want 

  • Learn on your computer, smartphone or tablet 

  • Access to the GUBERNA Lifelong Learning platform for 1 year 

  • Access to the GUBERNA good governance platform & community 

Content inspires network. 
Network inspires content. 


Session by Liesbeth De Ridder, Secretary-General GUBERNA