Our Centres of Expertise

Good governance tailor-made to every organisation. GUBERNA chooses a clear segmented approach, tailor-made to your organisation type. Our centres of expertise, developed together with our partners, have lead numerous projects, activities and publicaties specific to these organisation types.

You can also take a look at the research themes on which we are currently working.

Discover our research themes

Our Research Themes

Below you will find the research themes that play a central role in the Third Wave of Governance. Click on a theme for more information.

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  • Sustainability


    Governance has always been a dynamic concept. With the exponential transformations in society today, good governance is needed more than ever. 

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  • Board dynamics

    Board Dynamics

    The board of directors has to make collegial decisions with open dialogue, constructive and critically challenging one another and independent thinking. In practice, groups decisions and interactions are of stimulated by (irrational) individual beliefs that lead to sub-optimal decisions as a result.

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  • innovation


    Why is the investment in innovation so important for organisations and how does your board of directors deal with this? In which way does this influence the traditional role of your board of directors?

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  • Codes & Regulations

    Codes & Regulations

    The basic principles of good governance are laid down in the code of conduct. The codes for good governance are a form of self-regulation, also called soft law, and are in addition to the current European and national laws (hard law).

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