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KBC Havenlaan 2/ Avenue du Port 2 1000 Brussels Belgium

Exclusive and free of charge for GUBERNA members.

A fee of 75 euros (excluding VAT) will be charged in case of no-show without prior notice.

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The 2023 GUBERNA General Members Assembly will be held again physically at KBC in Brussels. After three digital editions, we are greatly looking forward to welcoming our members again for an inspiring assembly. 

The main theme of the event will be “Growth versus Degrowth”: a relevant debate?

Transition towards a more sustainable future requires choices to be made. Will continued innovation, fuelled by ESG investing and the development of new lucrative business models, allow us to build further on our current economic ideal of eternal growth?  

Or is salvation to be found in the economic theory of degrowth, born in the early seventies, based on the idea that an infinite expansion of the economy is not reconcilable with finite planetary resources.  

Maybe the debate itself deviates the attention from the urgency to act and hinders solutions to emerge and be put in place? 

We are looking forward to the different perspectives of our speakers on this theme during their short expert talks. Afterwards an interactive discussion will take place based on the your input and questions. 

We will continue the evening with our General Member Assembly. About which you will receive the more detailed information in due time.  

As always, we will conclude the meeting with a cocktail & networking section generously offered by our host.  



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  • Sandra Gobert, Executive director GUBERNA

Expert Talks

  • Mr. Geert Noels
  • Prof. Bruno Colmant
  • Prof. Valérie Trouet

Interactive discussion

  • Based on questions submitted by the audience

General Members Assembly


Networking & cocktail