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Hospital Governance Forum 2021 (5th edition)

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The role of doctors in hospital governance

Towards a co-governance approach?

The 5th edition of the Hospital Governance Forum focuses on "The role of doctors in hospital governance". The fact that the participation of doctors is crucial to the efficient and effective governance of a modern hospital is beyond dispute. The coordination and co-management between doctors and hospitals (cf. management and board) is therefore enshrined in the current Hospital Act, which is the frame of reference for the design of hospital governance. From a governance point of view, however, the hospital law contains a 'flaw', because the necessary coordination between the (independent) medical staff on the one hand and the hierarchically structured hospital on the other is only organised through the (more or less) weighted advisory right of the medical council. This leads to complex and (very) slow decision-making. After all, it is difficult to manage a modern hospital efficiently and effectively via a permanent 'negotiation process'. 

Field research has therefore shown that various additional avenues are being developed to give doctors a greater say, or even to evolve towards true co-governance based on trust and a culture of transparency and consultation. Of course, there is no magic formula here, and the trick is to choose the most optimal model, taking into account the specific situation and the strategic and financial challenges faced by the hospital. That is why GUBERNA, with the Hospital Governance Forum, wants to give an impetus to reflections from a global framework on the possible components of a co-governance approach. 




Ewout Görtz - Junior Researcher GUBERNA


Introduction to the topic

Ewout Görtz - Junior Researcher GUBERNA


Conceptual introduction - Co-governance: what’s in a name?
Prof. Dr. Lutgart Van Den Berghe



  • The interaction between the Medical Council and the Board of Directors at AZ Jan Palfijn
    Mrs. Ann Wynant, Director/ General Manager

  • Innovative forms of doctors' involvement: the Policy Advisory Council at AZ Alma
    Dr. Alex Demurie, President of the Medical Council

  • The representation of doctors in the board of directors 
    Dr. Bernard Vandeleene - Medical Director

  • The involvement of doctors in the formation of the network and formation of the network medical council at CHU de Charleroi
    Dr Patrick Biston, President of the medical council


Results of the poll 

Ewout Görtz - Junior Researcher GUBERNA


Coffee break


Panel debate moderated by a GUBERNA-expert 

  • Sandra Gobert - Chief Executive Officer GUBERNA
  • Prof. Dr. Abigail Levrau - Knowledge & Research Officer GUBERNA


  • Sandra Gobert - Chief Executive Officer GUBERNA
  • Prof. Dr. Abigail Levrau - Knowledge & Research Officer GUBERNA

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