Project Partnership

With a firm focus on a win-win relationship for both you (and your organisation) and GUBERNA, we jointly strive in a Project Partnership to improve governance in all its aspects.

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Benefits for your representatives

A Project Partnership means that you, as an organisation, partner with us to set up a specific project around a relevant governance subtheme. 

As a Project Partner, you and your organisation are at the centre of this governance journey. Based on the specific needs of your organisation, we define the project subtheme and objectives together. This project is of course completely personalised. 

During the project, your organisation is GUBERNA's exclusive and privileged partner in its field for the particular governance-related project.

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The benefits for your organisation

  • GUBERNA Premium Governance Assistance

    Your organisation benefits from GUBERNA Premium Governance Assistance at a discounted cost: such as a board assessment, a review of your governance documents, an in-organisation training, a remuneration benchmark or customised guidance.

  • Premium trainings

    Your representatives participate in the Director Effectiveness and Board Effectiveness training programmes free of charge. Additional participants enjoy a 30% discount.

  • GUBERNA Board of Trustees

    Your main representative becomes a member of the GUBERNA Board of Trustees (the advisory body to the GUBERNA Board of Directors) and is invited to the annual meeting.

  • GUBERNA Chair Platform and CEO Platform

    Your Chair and CEO become members of the GUBERNA Chair Platform and CEO Platform, respectively, and are invited to the relevant meetings.

  • GUBERNA Events

    Your representatives are invited free of charge (or with discount) to all activities organised by GUBERNA for its members (with the exception of activities organised with other organisations, the GUBERNA Director’s Day and the GUBERNA International Governance Forum).

  • Prominent visibility

    Your organisation will receive prominent visibility on the "GUBERNA Good Governance Platform" ( and in our Monthly Newsletter. Upon joining, your organisation will receive visibility in the GUBERNA Monthly Newsletter and on our social media channels.

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Interested in a Project Partnership with GUBERNA?

Interested or do you have questions? Please contact us!

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