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Hypercapitalisme - Le coup d’éclat permanent

Hypercapitalisme - Le coup d’éclat permanent

Anglo-Saxon neo-liberalism brings emulation, innovation, economic growth and rising living standards. In contrast, the European welfare states were built, since the industrial revolution, on social gains, stability and solidarity at work.

The market sphere, now globalized and digitized, is colliding with the political realities of many European countries. The result is social bitterness and socio-economic conflagrations. This reality could be amplified by the pandemic crisis.

Between unbridled capitalism and demobilizing egalitarianism, a middle way is needed: the strategic efficiency of European states must be rebuilt. This rehabilitation is necessary in many areas, through public investments and social spending: education, mobility, climate transition, financing social transfers and health care, securing public services, etc. The resilience of a liberalism that will have to integrate human and climatic factors into social temperance is at stake.

A member of the Royal Academy of Belgium, Bruno Colmant also advises governments and business leaders in the field of economics. He holds a PhD in applied economics and teaches at several Belgian and foreign universities. He is currently CEO of the bank Degroof Petercam.

He is also author and co-author of more than 70 books and more than 5,000 articles and columns published since 1991.

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