This four day course for board members focuses on the competences and knowledge board members need to efficiently fulfill their mandate.


This course focuses on the topics that are helpful for board members as individuals.

We touch on the following themes during this four day course:

  • The board member and strategy
  • The board member and the financial performance of the company
  • The board member and the legal aspects of the company
  • The board member and human resources


This course module is composed of a mix of concepts, recommendations, practical testimonials with a focus on knowledge sharing. In addition, we choose specialized, competent and experienced speakers.

If you would like to participate in 'Director Effectiveness' as well as 'Board Effectiveness', then we recommend you take 'Director Effectiveness' first, followed by 'Board Effectiveness' after.

Number of participants

Our methodology and the limited number of participants (15 tot 30 participants) ensures a large level of interactivity and lively debates between our speakers and the participants.

Target audience

This course is accessible for members and non-members.

For (future) board members, company leaders and CEOs, from listed and non-listed companies, private and public sectors, non-profit organisations, SMEs, family businesses, start-ups, scale-ups and research centres. Participating in our courses Director Effectiveness & Board Effectiveness lay the foundations (but are not required) for a better experience during the Board Simulation module.

Your investement

  • Non-member rate (including free membership for the duration of one year) 
    3449 euros (excluding VAT)

  • Members (Individual, Young, EcoDa, ILA, SME, Collective)

    3.050 euros excl VAT

  • Premium members and social profit rate (Partner, Institutional, Journey)
    2399 euros (excluding VAT)

How to apply?

The goal of GUBERNA is three-fold: sharing knowledge & experiences, developing skills and promoting good governance. In all of our courses, we value interactivity and illustrate specific examples and case studies to smaller groups of participants. For this reason, we spend time putting together groups of complementary participants based on an objective and professional selection process.

Your participation will be confirmed via email.


Interested in following this course?

This course is given in Dutch or French. See the next editions, dates and locations below. Or contact us via or 

GUBERNA Certified Director Traject

GUBERNA Certified Director

Being a professional director is a journey. That is why GUBERNA organises many courses where we focus on transfering good governance competences. Our open education programme is composed of 3 modules that complement each other: Director Effectiveness, Board Effectiveness en Board Simulation

When you follow these modules, get the certificate of the module and comply with a few criteria, you can get the title of GUBERNA Certified Director.

How can I obtain the title GUBERNA Certified Director?

Meet the GUBERNA Certified Directors

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