Digital Transformation Journey

We have reached the next phase of our digital transformation journey


As you undoubtedly noticed, GUBERNA is in full digital transformation.

Over the past months, we have launched the GUBERNA Good Governance Platform which enables you to reach out and network digitally with your fellow GUBERNA members. We have organised the first 100% digital General Member Assembly as well as our digital Member Forum and the GUBERNA eXperience sessions.

We have now come to the next phase in our digital transformation. On Monday 5 October, we have launched our new CRM tool as well as our new accounting programme.
To prepare the migration of our data, we have carried out extensive data cleaning in the past months and we have taken measures to ensure a smooth transfer. However, we are aware that, despite all our efforts, there will be issues. For this we offer you our utmost apologies!

If you experience problems or notice mistakes, please contact us at We will do our utmost to rectify them as soon as possible.