How can I become a member of GUBERNA?

At GUBERNA we offer different memberships for individuals and for organisations. The GUBERNA membership calculator shows you which membership is the best fit for you. 

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Why do I have to apply for an education programme?

The goal of GUBERNA is threefold: conveying knowledge & sharing experiences, developing skills and encouraging good governance. To reach this goal, we believe in the importance of selecting diverse and complementary groups for our education programmes in order to maximize interaction, the sharing of experiences and discussion on in-depth examples and case studies. For this reason, we use a very objective, professional selection process for each of our education programmes.

Your acceptance into the programme will be confirmed via e-mail.

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How do I become a GUBERNA Certified Director?

Our open education programme is composed of 3 modules that build on each other: Director EffectivenessBoard Effectiveness en Board Simulation

When you participate in the full education programme (Director Effectiveness, Board Effectivess en Board simulation), get the certificates that come with the programme and meet a number of conditions, you can earn the title of GUBERNA Certified Director

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Which information can I find on the GUBERNA website?

We are proud to share our new good governance platform with you - our members. The GUBERNA platform follows our 3 strategic pillars.
Curious to find out where you can find the information you are looking for? Here you find a short explanation about the platform.