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  • Board Dynamics & Ethical Decision Making
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  • Financial sector

GUBERNA and Febelfin Academy organise each year the programme Board of Directors in the Financial Sector. This 6-day programme in English combines our mutual expertise departing from the question: what does good governance mean for a financial institution? We answer questions around the right compliance regulations, but we also discuss the most effective dynamics during a board meeting. We define the risks in banking governance, but also the legal liabilities of being a director. This combination of expertise makes it a unique programme in Belgium. We thrive in this programme on the sharing of perspectives and experiences by our participants and experts, and we guarantee a lively debate.

As a follow-up of this programme, we organise on 18 November our first Masterclass Board of Directors. We invited renowned speakers to give their perspective on relevant themes: responsible banking, ESG & sustainability reporting, digital transformation and diversity and inclusion. To end the day, a panel of experts will come to an informed conclusion about the impact of these tendencies on today’s boards in the financial sector.

Key speakers are Abigail Levrau, Tamar Joulia Paris, Stefan Dierickx, Claire Godding, Philippe Lambrecht, Lutgart Van den Berghe and Heidi Delobelle.

We look forward to hearing their inspiring talks!

This is an exclusive programme by invitation only.