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Further to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, we are impressed by the leadership and bravery of President Zelensky and the resilience of the Ukrainian people.

Together with ecoDa, GUBERNA stands behind Ukraine and the Ukrainian people and we fully support ecoDa’s call to board members to question their mandates in Russian and Belarusian companies.

Additionally, we call upon our board members to show solidarity with the Ukrainian people, by providing help, funding, or humanitarian supplies, when relevant to their company's activities.

Focusing on good governance in the current circumstances may seem unworldly, but it is not. We have barely emerged from the Covid-19 crisis when a new and much more intense drama breaks loose. The debate is complex, but one thing is certain: international politics and business management are intrinsically connected. Every decision has an impact on all other decisions. The traditional strong leaders must step down from their pedestals, be it on the political stage or in the boardrooms. Good governance is neither complacency nor self-interest. Good governance is courageously acknowledging the impact of decisions and acting accordingly. Sandra Gobert, CEO GUBERNA