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The economic trends for 2022 & beyond – The race to net-zero: what’s in for your board?

The recent 6th IPCC report and the COP26 massive pledges to secure a zero-carbon future all point to the same evidence: the urgency for all nations, corporations and individuals to act now and quickly, before it’s too late. Decarbonization is probably the most massive disruption we’ve ever experienced so far.

Business has undeniably helped fuel the record temperatures and extreme weather that threaten humanity’s future. Consequently, business should find appropriate solutions and reduce substantially their global carbon footprint.

The prime responsibility for changing course lies with the stewards of every company’s future, namely, the board of directors. Collectively, corporate boards have more clout than many government leaders to accelerate the transition to a more sustainable world. Indeed, at GUBERNA we believe that the power of climate change lies within the boardroom, whatever the size, sector or maturity of the company.

Trouble is, a majority of board members are inadequately skilled and equipped for this task. A study earlier this year by New York University’s Center for Sustainable Business, which reviewed the credentials of almost 1,200 Fortune 100 directors, found that very few boards, across all sectors of the economy, are qualified to tackle environmental, social and governance issues affecting their company’s performance.

So how can boards develop the skills, tools and processes to steer their company in the right direction?  

You’ll hear more about it during our GUBERNA Economic Forum on December 9.

Peter Vanden Houte, Chief Economist at ING will share his insights on the economic outlook for 2022 and beyond, taking into consideration the impact of the various initiatives to solve climate and nature issues by 2030.

Testimonials and concrete tips & tricks will be shared during a panel debate, composed of GUBERNA Directors and experienced opinion leaders, around the theme: The race to net-zero: what’s in for your board? Jo Hendrikx, GUBERNA Director will be moderating the panel debate.  The panel members will be disclosed shortly.

Join us online on this content-rich event and get-together before the year-end celebrations in a friendly atmosphere.





Introduction by Jo Benoit, Chair GUBERNA Alumni


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Peter Vanden Houte, Chief Economist ING




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Panel debate: The race to net-zero: what’s in for your board?






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