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GUBERNA warmly invites you to its first GUBERNA International Governance Forum which takes place on Monday 28 June 2021 and which focusses on the essence of board interaction and decision-making: the human factor. In view of the sanitary situation, the event will take place digitally on an interactive platform.


In the current turbulent times, which started beginning 2020, we were confronted with major changes in our way of working, interacting and leading. Digital meetings replaced live board discussions. Decision-making had to be quick, agile, with perhaps less time to bring everyone aboard. The board of directors became either more engaged, or less – for instance, if management took over with adaptive reactions, or if committees started to have an operational impact.  

In the current crisis, leader-capacities appeared, decision-making processes were re-thought.  

Central to the board in crisis times are our human qualities: how do we mentally cope with increased financial and other pressure, from shareholders or, stakeholders? How do we keep going in a health crisis, if part of our workforce is absent due to illness? How do we keep the human aspect in mind, even if our organisation is more focused on survival? How do we keep our perspective human and ethical when the whole strategy is realigned towards digital transformation?   

In our GUBERNA Summer School, which takes place prior to the GUBERNA International Governance Forum, we will reflect on these themes and provide you with tips and tricks on how to be aware of board dynamics and psychological factors interfering in decision-making processes. We provide you with a balanced programme of training, workshops, and interaction in the morning, complemented with our International Governance Forum in the afternoon, for which we invited the renowned high level international speaker Mervyn King.

With our members, we reflect about what has changed in the last year, and what developments are ahead. We invite you to actively share your experiences and questions, finding content in our network. 

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Introduction of the International Governance Forum & highlights from the GUBERNA Board Dynamics Survey and GUBERNA Summer School 2021 

Mrs Sandra Gobert, Executive director, GUBERNA 


Introduction to the debate: Latest insights on Entreprise value creation.

Prof Mervyn King, Chair Emeritus of the King Committee on Corporate Governance in South Africa, Professor Extraordinaire at the University of South Africa on Corporate Citizenship, Chair Emeritus of the International Integrated Reporting Council in London and the Global Reporting Initiative of Amsterdam and a member of the Private Sector Advisory Group to the World Bank on Corporate Governance, Chair emeritus of the United Nations Committee on Eminent persons on Governance and Oversight.  


Panel debate on CEO/Board interactions and Board Dynamics for strategic decisions.

  • Moderated by Mr Gaëtan Hannecart, Chairman, GUBERNA 
  • Mr Timoteo Di Maulo, CEO, Aperam  
  • Mrs Béatrice Richez-Baum, Executive Director, ecoDa (European Confederation of Director Associations)  
  • Mrs Ursula Saint-Léger, CHRO, Aliaxis and Independent Board Member Air France