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Immobel Bd Anspach 1 1000 Brussels België

Free of charge for GUBERNA members, €100 for non-members (excluding VAT). 


Sustainability, often referred to as ESG, is gaining significant attention at the board level of companies. It's no longer just about reporting and compliance; sustainability is becoming an integral part of corporate strategy. New pressures are driving companies to do more than create market value in the traditional sense. People, society, and institutions are increasingly aware of the profound impacts of climate crises, biodiversity loss, and potential global collapse.

As board members, we must question how far our companies are willing to transform and contribute to limiting global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius in alignment with the 2015 Paris Agreement. Additionally, as part of the EU Green Deal, EU member states have committed to reducing emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels. This calls for a radical shift in our approach. The choices we make, both individually and collectively, in the next decade will determine whether current and future generations will have a habitable planet.


This interactive event is organised by the GUBERNA Sounding Board Committee for Sustainability

We are a group of GUBERNA (Certified) Directors passionate about sustainability and its concrete implementation in organisations. Within the community of GUBERNA Directors, we want to stimulate the exchange of knowledge, experience and practical approaches on this matter. We do so by creating content, organising workshops, and regular interactions with the GUBERNA Centres of Expertise.


This event is free of charge for GUBERNA members, and €100 for non-members (excluding VAT). 

A €50 fee will be payable if the attendee cancels his/her registration within three working days prior to the event or does not show up to the event. 





Introduction and group formation

  • Olivier Thiel, Senior Managing Director of France, Germany, Poland and Spain and Head of Development Belgium Immobel
  • Karen Dumery, Leader GUBERNA Sounding Board Committee Sustainability

Group work on cases and presentation



  • Nicolas Coomans, Research Associate - Public & Listed Companies Governance

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