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Comet Meetings, Place Stéphanie 20 1000 Brussels België

595€ including lunch  



GUBERNA Summer School 2023: “What will your next board look like?” 

The GUBERNA Summer School is part of our permanent education programmes and intends to keep our certified directors up-to-date.

Last year we focused on sustainability from a broader perspective, this year we look at the people who are responsible for sculpting such a (sustainable) future: the board, its directors; and the tools they have to do that.   

Our GUBERNA Summer School is a yearly moment to reflect on the latest trends and developments within governance. “Nothing is certain in this world”: the idiom seems more true than ever in 2023. However, uncertainty cannot stop us from thinking about the future. In times of turbulence, foresight and reflection are perhaps heavily under pressure, but they remain nonetheless essential. The popularity of scenario-planning in strategic decisions is telling in this respect. Boards have the responsibility to anticipate the future, but how can directors do that as efficiently as possible? What would be an appropriate level of engagement with sustainability? 

During the GUBERNA Summer School, we approach this question from two angles: how can a board anticipate the future leadership of the company, in other words, how do you select a CEO who is fit for purpose? What would be the Board and CEO perspectives for a successful CEO succession? Yet also, how can you adapt your Board itself for the future? How do you anticipate and prepare the right mindset for this, so that you remain aligned with the other players in the governance tripod, as well as your stakeholders, over the long term? In particular how do you converse with the younger generations? Do you include the next generation in your Board? What would be the various perspectives to be considered for a successful transition? 

We're very happy to announce our international speaker Prof. Dr. Thomas Keil, one of the authors of the book "The Next CEO: Board and CEO Perspectives for Successful CEO Succession” who has developed an intensive program exclusively for GUBERNA. He will share with us, and in preview, the results of his research and forthcoming book (to be published in 2024): What's your next board?  

In the afternoon, we translate their perspectives to the Belgian contexts by a keynote and testimonials of directors, leading entrepreneurs and experts.  




Welcome coffee and introduction by GUBERNA


Leading the company into the future: The board’s role in driving ESG

This session discusses the different levels of engagement of the board with sustainability; maturity cycles of how boards embrace ESG factors; how does ESG factors affect key parameters of the board.  

  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Keil, University of Zurich



Workshop: Selecting CEOs

This workshop will lead participants through an exercise of selecting a new CEO based on a short case study. The outcomes will be discussed in the light of research work on CEO succession to highlight key challenges in real world case.

  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Keil, University of Zurich 

Discussion how the Board and CEO profile needs to change in a changing world

We engage the participants into a structured discussion on how the changing demands arising from ESG and other trends affect the profiles of the board and CEO. 

  • Prof. Dr. Thomas Keil, University of Zurich 



Key note "Towards boards of the future” 

  • What needs to change in Belgian boards and how can the younger generation live up to the expectations? In particular, how can we integrate two key stakeholders into the decision-making process: the future generations and the environment? What can generational solidarity mean in governance? What this has to do with the capacity for innovation? 


  • Charlotte Saussez, Waste, Circularity & Supply Chain Resilience expert Greenfish, Board member Corporate ReGeneration 


  • Vincent Truyens, co-Founder CorporateRegeneration, Ethics and CSR Lecturer 



Panel Debate

What will your next board look like? Next gen & other perspectives on a successful transition and mindset.

  • Olivier de Cartier (CEO Copains.Group)
  • Alexandre Helson (co-CEO Maison Dandoy)
  • Laurie Tack (Director Harmony Industries – Clarysse and Tessenderlo)
  • Paul Van den Bulck (Partner AKD)
  • Ann Cattelain (CEO Federgon) 


  • Rachel Feller, Lifelong Learning Manager GUBERNA 



 Closure & Networking Drink

What to expect?

  • Q&A opportunities throughout the sessions to ask experts your questions
  • Crossed perspectives and exchange of experiences
  • Gain permanent education points as a GUBERNA Certified Director: 7 points
  • The sessions will be given predominantly in English 
  • Certificate of completion for attending the full programme
  • Serendipity networking


  • Venues : Brussels

    The sessions will be given predominantly in English 

    Fee 595€ including lunch