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Save the date ! The next GUBERNA Summer School ... June 29th 2023 

The GUBERNA Summer School is part of our permanent education programmes and intends to keep our certified directors up-to-date.

Last year we focused on sustainability from a broader perspective, this year we look at the people who are responsible for sculpting such a (sustainable) future: the board, its directors; and the tools they have to do that.   


Our GUBERNA Summer School is a yearly moment to reflect on the latest trends and developments within governance. Benjamin L. Franklin already acknowledged that nothing is certain in this world (except death and taxes), and the idiom seems definitely true for 2023. However, uncertainty cannot stop us from thinking about the future. In times of turbulence, foresight and reflection are perhaps heavily under pressure, but they remain nonetheless essential. The popularity of scenario-planning in strategic decisions is telling in this respect.  Boards have the responsibility to anticipate on the future, but how can directors do that as efficiently as possible? 

During the GUBERNA Summer School, we approach this question from two angles: how can a board anticipate on the future leadership of the company, in other words, how do you select a CEO who is fit for purpose ? What would be the Board and CEO perspectives for a successful CEO succession ? Yet also, how can you adapt your board to the future, by aligning with management, by brainstorming with younger generations? How do you incorporate the next generation in your board? What would be the various perspectives to be considered for a successful transition?

What to expect?

  • Q&A opportunities throughout the sessions to ask experts your questions
  • Crossed perspectives and exchange of experiences
  • Gain permanent education points as a GUBERNA Certified Director: 7 points
  • The sessions will be given predominantly in English 
  • Certificate of completion for attending the full programme
  • Serendipity networking


  • Venues : Brussels

    The sessions will be given predominantly in English 

    Fee 595€ including lunch 

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