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Inspiration session

Following the Exchange of eXperience sessions in which GUBERNA board members shared their experiences related to the Covid-19 crisis, we have started up the GUBERNA Home of Governance Talks in which we share experiences of resilient governance. The impact of the Covid-19 crisis is far from over and we continue to support and inspire you.

This initiative is set up by the various GUBERNA centres and consists of live interviews with a fascinating personality who has a unique experience with the centre's target audience. The interviews are streamed from the GUBERNA Home of Governance in Brussels but can also be viewed on a delayed basis by GUBERNA members.

On Tuesday 24 November at 17:00 CET we warmly welcome Guido Van Herpe, CEO La Lorraine Bakery Group, who will share his experiences around "Governance, Family Business and Resilience". Liesbeth De Ridder, Secretary-General - GUBERNA, will moderate this session and will make sure that your questions will be addressed. This session will take place in Dutch.

You can submit your questions in advance via events@guberna.be or 'live' during the session.

We look forward to welcoming you!

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