Guberna aims to boost good governance in all organisations

GUBERNA believes that good governance leads to better organisations and that better organisations contribute to a better world.

What is good governance?

Essentially, governance has to do with management, mastery, accountability, supervision and control. The main goals include making an organisation’s governance structures and decision-making processes more efficient, objective and transparent. Good governance is thus not an end point but rather a means to achieve the organisational strategy. 

What is good governance?

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GUBERNA wants to promote good governance in all organisations by focusing on clear roles, qualitative decision making, ethics and integrity. Governance includes natural leader- and entrepreneurship and requires a balance between taking risks and taking action. Sustainable value creation is the ultimate goal. Our experts are here to help you.

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Pascale Van Damme
GUBERNA contributes to my knowledge network, allowing me to consider other perspectives and experiences in the challenges I face as a director. And I meet fascinating people with whom I share the passion to help organisations grow in a sustainable way.
Pascale Van Damme
Vice President EMEA VMware at Dell Technologies

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