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The IRIS book

A 33 Year Story on Entrepreneurship from Belgium and What you can learn from it!

Pierre de Muelenaere is the Founder of IRIS Group, a company with more than 550 employees and 110 million € in revenue.

After a few years of preparation, Pierre De Muelenaere founded the Belgian company IRIS in 1987, to commercialize the results of his PhD. Since then, and for 33 years in a row, Pierre was leading IRIS through all development steps, from a university spin-off to a listed company and finally for its integration into Canon.

The Travel Guide inspired by The IRIS Story

Becoming an entrepreneur is a very intense and exciting adventure! An entrepreneur may discover new “territories”, never seen before… In my case, I have been on this IRIS journey for 33 years! This is a reason good enough to spend some time on some sort of “Travel Guide of Entrepreneurship” retracing the key learnings of my journey. All of this is structured in 5 important aspects every entrepreneur should pay attention to.

Written by a “normal Entrepreneur”

Nowadays most of the books based on a biography relate to the “stars of the business”, who somehow limit their practical use for the more “classical” entrepreneurs. There are indeed very few Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Larry Page, Marc Zuckerberg or Albert Frère in this world and most businesses are not comparable to these formidable success stories. My feeling was that a book, written by a “normal Entrepreneur”, who has “only” created a mid-size technology company (but still rather successful and an international leader) could be closer to most of our entrepreneurs.

For young to confirmed Entrepreneurs

This book is presented in an organized and pedagogic way to make sure each one of you could easily dive in directly and read the section which is currently the most interesting to you. Whether you are a young entrepreneur, innovator or a confirmed entrepreneur, manager, professor in entrepreneurship, this book will suit you perfectly!

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This book is published in English.

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