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Corporate Governance in startups

Corporate Governance in startups

Luc Sterckx’s book, “Corporate Governance in Startups”, combines the structural and legal basis of Governance in startups with the author’s extensive experience in the field over several years and companies. He shows the way of very practical implementation including setting the right priorities.

The need for appropriate Governance in startups is more and more acknowledged. The experience in doing so in the best possible way is however pretty limited, as is clear that it must be different from bigger companies in order to make it workable and efficient. This book clarifies the distinctions which need to be made, in particular, in the context of the limited means of a startup.

Corporate Governance when applied in such a way in startups is both a necessity and a blessing. A necessity because it will make sure regulatory and legal obligations are better and easier respected and it is a blessing because if consistently applied and implemented this Governance will substantially contribute to the company’s success – be it still a startup.


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Luc Sterckx' book is a pleasant and easy read and contains a lot of practical tips to get you started. The author uses his rich experience to show the way: he guides the reader not only on the why but also, and especially, on the how. Throughout his book, the author convincingly demonstrates that good governance has evolved to become much more than just some rules to abide by.

Sandra Gobert, CEO GUBERNA

Prioritizing Governance as a starter is of paramount importance - even if only a few minimum procedures are implemented. Once a startup is launched and gets growing, one probably will not find the time for it anymore! To make sure young entrepreneurs overcome cold feet and take their first governance steps, the needed information and guidance should be accessible and easy to apply. This is exactly what Luc Sterckx is providing with his publication: recognizable, ready-to-use documentation, clearly written from his own hands-on experience.

Reginald Vossen, CEO BAN Vlaanderen