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Exclusive visit of the VUB AI Experience Centre

At GUBERNA we are aware that companies and boards are faced with the next data wave, both in terms of zettabytes as in the way data is stored and processed.

Our society is generating a huge wave of industrial and public data, which will transform the way we produce, consume and live.1

This fact has triggered Europe to pursue a digital strategy next to the broader drive for a sustainable future. One beliefs that the sustainable economic growth and societal wellbeing increasingly draws on value created by data. AI is one of the most important applications of the data economy and it is developing fast.

But are you already seizing the opportunities ahead? Are you really fit for the digital age?

As Chair or CEO, you are responsible for stewarding your companies through the current period of unprecedented technological change and its attendant societal impacts. Increasingly you are required to identify the benefits new technology can bring to your business as well to deal with the concerns to deploy it responsibly.

GUBERNA and the VUB want to support you in this important role and offer you a unique chance to stay on top of recent developments in the heart of Belgium. In particular AI, Data and Robotics research at the VUB are leading in “human-centric” applications, which means that their digital innovations should serve all people, for the Common Good.

Thanks to our partnership in this domain, we have the opportunity to invite you for an exclusive tour in the VUB AI Experience Centre whereby the multidisciplinary team of VUB researchers is thrilled to personally showcase their various innovations.

Follow in the footsteps of the President of the Commission, Ursula von der Leyen and discover the potential of AI solutions.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Kind regards,


Sandra Gobert                                                             Gaëtan Hannecart

Executive Director GUBERNA                                   Chair GUBERNA


1Commissioner for Internal Market, Thierry Breton





Inspirational tour – selected number of demo’s
(e.g. Talk to your Data – in collaboration with Colibra)


Interactive discussion (sandwich lunch)


Wrap-up and conclusion